bear.CLAW™ and EFC® Join Forces

bear.CLAW™ trade advert featured in the FMCG Retailer
June 10, 2015
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bear.CLAW™ and EFC® Join Forces


bear.CLAW™ and EFC® have joined their primal forces together to create a partnership that will release the Inner Grizzly in fans and fighters alike when it’s enjoyed as the official energy drink of the EFC® at all live events.
This partnership will continue for two years, during which time the world will see bear.CLAW™ proudly displayed in the Hexagon as well as on other EFC® platforms.

bear.CLAW™ energy drink has been years in the making. We’re proud to introduce this powerful, all natural caffeine drink to the world during EFC 40, which will be taking place at Carnival City on Saturday 6 June 2015.
We’re passionate about MMA and we’re fanatical about giving our customers a drink that is packed with only the finest ingredients, so teaming up with the EFC® was a natural choice.

We’ve got some exhilarating things planned for EFC fans that we know you’re gonna love – watch this space!

Get all the details about upcoming fights on the EFC® website.

Release your Inner Grizzly™

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